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Extracurricular activities


The band is run by Bandemonium, an external provider. The band program runs from 8am-9am and after school from 3.10pm-4pm on Thursdays every week. Our contact teachers at school are Mr Omar and Mrs Matthews. Any enquiries regarding payment of fees and instruments should be directed to or 0424110480.

It is vital that students arrive on time in the morning and are promptly collected in the afternoon at 4pm. All students are expected to practise regularly at home and be available for performance opportunities. Each child is expected to have a band uniform which consists of a band shirt with black pants, shoes and socks which they wear for performances only.



All students are invited to be members our K-2 and 3-6 school choirs. Rehearsals for the school choirs occur during lunch time when teachers are available. These can be varied according to teachers' commitments and other responsibilities. The 3-6 choir participates in the St George Performing Arts Festival which incurs an additional fee and out-of-school hours performances. Various other performance opportunities occur throughout the year such as nursing home visits, Education Week and assemblies.

For more information contact Mrs Nakamura or Miss Dimarakis (K-2) or Mrs Palmer or Mrs Elmir (3-6).



Carlton Public School has a variety of Dance groups for interested children. Rehearsals for the Dance groups occurs during lunch times when teachers are available each week.

Kindy dance is held on Thursday lunch time with Miss Read and Miss Kidson.

Year 3 & 4 dance is held on Monday lunch time with Miss Kelly.

Year 5 & 6 dance is held on Tuesday lunch time with Miss Dimarakis and Miss Damianos.

These dance groups participate in events such as the St George Performing Arts Festival which incurs an additional fee and out-of-school hours performances. Various other performance opportunities occur throughout the year such as nursing home visits, Education Week and assemblies.



Each Stage holds public speaking contests several times a year. Classroom heats are held with a representative chosen from each class for Stage Finals. Times for finals are advertised in the newsletter.


The Greater Sydney/ Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competitions

The Greater Sydney/ Multicultural Perspective Speaking Competitions are open to NSW government primary and central school students. They will deliver speeches on a variety of topics. Any enquiries about these competitions should be directed to your child's class teacher or Miss Flowers.


DEBATING (Years 5 and 6)

Students in Year 5 and 6 choose to participate in debating workshops during lunch time when teachers are available. Students are then selected to represent the school in the Years 5 and 6 Sydney Region and Premier's Debating Challenge. All enquiries regarding debating should be directed to Mrs Niko or Mrs Elmir. 



The recorder group consists of students in Years 2-6 who are interested in learning to play the recorder. Students practise at lunchtime every Tuesday and Wednesday in Miss Stergiou's classroom. The students work towards learning three pieces of music which are performed at the Opera House as part of the combined recorder concert. Additionally, the recorder group perform at assemblies and special school events.



The garden club is available for any Stage 3 student at Carlton Public School throughout the year. Interested students participate in gardening activities within the garden area during Monday lunch time. The students are involved in a range of hands-on activities such as weeding, planting, mulching, watering, harvesting and composting. Through these experiences, students develop essential life skills like teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, responsibility and environmental citizenship.



The Environmental Club (Observant Owl Organisation) is supervised by Mrs Theo, Mrs Kozanitis, Mrs Sabah and Mrs Mallios with children from Stage 1. The club meets every Friday at fruit break. The children volunteer to join the group and children may join in at any time. The club addresses issues in the school that have been identified as being a problem, for example, recycling, rubbish, compost and weeds. The club meet at the beginning of each term to discuss ways to improve our school environment. A plan is written for the term and each week the teachers and children go out fulfilling the weekly schedule.

The children enjoy wearing the Observant Owl Organisation badges which identify the members of the group and they experience satisfaction in beautifying the school.



Selected students from Stage 3 are nominated by their class teachers to participate in the Maths Olympiad competition which commences in May each year. The competition consists of 5 rounds of complex mathematical problem-solving tasks. Individual students answer 5 questions in each round. Carlton PS currently has 2 teams consisting of 30 students. The school has a proud history with consistent performances in the top 30 schools in Australia. Miss Flowers coordinates this popular Stage 3 program.



The STEM club is a science club for Stage 3 students focusing on scientific investigation and problem solving. Interested students are nominated by Stage 3 teachers and meet lunchtime each Thursday. Students work collaboratively and critically reflect on their learning through Google Classroom. A different group of students is selected each Semester.

Students involved in STEM club are chosen as student leaders for the Stage 3 STEM Day in Term 4.



Chess Club is provided by an external company called the Sydney Academy of Chess. They provide chess coaches and offer classes from 8am-9am on Monday morning. This activity occurs in the library. For more details about this Club contact 0297451170 or visit their website



Greek language lessons are provided on Friday afternoon from 3.15pm-6.15pm in Block A. If you would like to find out more about Greek school, visit the website or contact 0432291226.